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Revenge Is For God – All About Changing Your Destiny And Living A Good Life

Revenge is for God is among those crime books for teens that convey a powerful and positive message. It teaches to not become a victim. Instead, become a survivor and deal with the troubles with faith in God.

It is a type of story that will remain with you for the rest of your life, one that will be permanently etched into your memory.

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John D. Black


Alice Jackson


Dennis Dunn


Amanda Baughn


Luigi T. Elbert


Milissa H


The Book Documents Preaching Of Bible

  1. God cautioned His people not to seek revenge but to wait for Him. When we want to exact revenge, we must remember that hurting someone else will never make up for the loss we have already experienced.
  2. The idea that we will feel better if we obtain payback is seductive. God is aware of the pain and suffering that result from injustice, and he promises his people that he will right the wrongs that have been done to them.
  3. Revenge is for God preaches forgiveness. We don’t have the right to make up for a wrongdoing
  4. There is a lesson of putting trust in God. Only God is the one who can make things right for people.
  5. God will bring justice to a situation that hasn’t been fair. God has promised to serve justice in every situation.
  6. Humans have no power to rectify the wrongdoing. Only God is powerful enough to serve rectitude.