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Leslie Ray AKA Les Ray

Les Ray is from Alberta, Canada. His father used to work in a restaurant as a waiter while his mother worked as a babysitter. He and his sister were among the only black kids in the elementary school. Les Ray has had a miraculous life of survival after getting shot multiple times. Chasing revenge on his shooter, he realized the importance of trusting the process. His writing gives a powerful message of letting go and trusting God.

Leslie Ray's Realization

No matter how serious the problems appear, how people react to them establishes who they are as people. When we understand other people’s stories, we might begin to see the web of grief we have created for ourselves.

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Story Of True-Life Miracles

Miracle, As They Say, Is Attributed To A Divine Agency

Being brutally shot and surviving was a miracle in itself. “Revenge is for God” focuses on being injured and adapting to a new set of physical and mental limitations. Confront your buried feelings of vengeance and vengeance-seeking behavior while reading the story of Les Ray.


Do not seek revenge as it only harms you

Selling Book

God serves justice


Have faith in God


Revenge is the bitter desire

Revenge Is For God

A fascinating story of a boy that will shake you to your very core

A miraculous tale uncovers the blessing of letting go instead of taking revenge. The terrible events of one day led to the true story of a boy who narrowly escaped death to wreak vengeance on a notorious Edmonton, Alberta, gang leader. The story proves that there is never a good time for retaliation.

Delve into the thriller and suspenseful vengeance of Les Raymond. Uncover the revenge tale and read how he leaves the revenge to God.