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Revenge Is For God 

A Gripping Tale Of Miracle And Self-Realization

A miraculous tale that reveals the blessing of letting go instead of taking revenge. The terrible events of one day led to the true story of a boy who narrowly escaped death and aspired on a mission to wreak havoc on a notorious Edmonton, Alberta, gang leader.

Crime thriller

Miracle story

Revenge seeking tale

Inspiring and motivational

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About Book

Revenge Is For God" Recounts The Actual Events Surrounding The High-Profile Case Of Les Raymond

The book depicts a horrifying tale of an ordinary boy from Edmonton, who was shot at multiple times in a shopping mall for disobeying gangsters. The story takes a sharp turn when the victim turns into an assailant, only to regret it later.


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More Than Just A Story; It’s A Life Lesson

Revenge is best to be left up to God. He constructed this universe as a test to discover who would follow his rules, so:


Don't try to be a judge on your own

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Don't lose hope; put your trust in God


Don't take the matters of God into your own hands


Do trust the process and God


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New Release

Revenge Is For God

Chronicle Of Les Raymond's Case; He Survived And Vowed To Avenge Himself On Those Who Had Wronged Him

The story, of a boy who strives to seek revenge, begins with his family. It discusses their journey from the very small island of St. Lucia to their new home in Canada. One day, a little black boy is threatened with a gun, and the protagonist intervenes to prevent this from occurring. The gangster sends his goon back and orders him to open fire on the protagonist. The shooter approaches him and fires at him until he runs out of ammunition. He makes it to the hospital where he has multiple procedures to save his life. He then endures to discover the purpose in his pain. He aims to take revenge and strives in his life for the very purpose of vengeance that brings him troubles including imprisonment and final realization that revenge is only for God.


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